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Welcome to the UM User Group Home Page

Last Modified June 04, 2007, at 06:06 AM

I have enabled this Wiki so you can Receive Notice of Updates via an RSS feed. Click on the link in the left menu for directions on how to set this up.

Also please remember I have had to set a strict list of blocked words due to spamming. If you can not save an edited file let me know the error message that comes up and I will remove the problem word from the list—Admin?

This is an ever-expanding database of information on the UK Met Office Unified Model (UM). You can both search for existing information and add your own.
Email for a password which will allow you to edit pages, otherwise feel free to browse.

For more information read Howto Wiki and for reasons why this site could be useful see Why Bother.

Convinced? Go ahead and start adding to this Wiki! You have a go at creating and editing pages here

Have a webpage already and can’t face converting it for the wiki? Use this page (select pmwiki as the Wiki Dialect) and paste the result straight into a blank wiki page.

Email List

Can’t find what you need here? Why not try the UM-answers email list? Sign up here.

UM Topics

  • Model Experiments - how to set up different types of UM experiments.
  • File Utilities- useful tools for manipulating UM input and output files.
  • UM Machines - Notes on running the UM on different machines and platforms.
  • UM Arcana- Notes on important aspects of the Unified Model.
  • UM Analysis- Notes on analysis of the UM with different packages.
  • UM UI -Using the UM User Interface
  • UM Jargon- a guide to UM terms.
  • Other Sites - other very useful sites on using the UM
  • Job Portability - thoughts about the exchange of UM jobs. In progress.
  • HadCM3 - Information about this scientific configuration of the UM.
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Page last modified on June 04, 2007, at 06:06 AM